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Contract Information


The Lease furnished to: {{Renter}} by RV Rentals USA, Inc. is subject to the following additional terms and conditions: (Please read entirely prior to RV pick-up. Initial each item in selected areas and sign, in front of RV Rentals USA, Inc. employee.)

_____Payment: Lessee must have a credit card to rent a vehicle, and a security deposit must be made with: Cash, Credit Card, or Money Order. A check may be presented to up to ten days prior to departure date. No personal checks are accepted at time of pick up. Full payment must be collected prior to departure. On deliveries full payment must be received and all documents signed and completed ten business days before delivery is to be made.

_____Fuel: Vehicles must be returned to RV Rentals USA, Inc. with the same amount of fuel as received. Lessee acknowledges that he/she is responsible for the extra charge of $45.00 Servicing Fee plus an additional $5.00 per gallon until unit is full if the unit is not fueled. Extra fuel will not be reimbursed.

_____Return Time: Lessee agrees and understands that all rentals must be returned and fully checked in by the scheduled return time. Lessee understands that if not returned on scheduled time they will be charged a fee of $50.00 per hour up to $250.00 late fee plus another nights rental for the price of the unit per night. RV Rentals USA, Inc. reserves the right to close its doors at the end of the business day. If Lessee knows that he/she is going to be late for any reason including traffic or weather it is Lessee’s responsibility to call RV Rentals USA, Inc.’s office.

____Driver Information: Lessee understands that a copy of the driver’s current drivers licenses and insurance certificates must be present BEFORE departure. To rent motor homes, travel trailers, and pop-up rentals, you must be over 25 years of age.  All persons driving must be present to sign contracts or sign contracts no later than scheduled pick-up day. One additional driver is allowed at no extra charge. Any additional drivers will be charged a $25.00 processing fee per driver.

_____Road Hazards: Lessee acknowledges and understands all tire repair/replacement is entirely his/her responsibility while RV is in his/her possession. Lessee agrees that all failed tires must be returned to RV Rentals USA, Inc. for inspection. Lessee understands damage done by Lessee, road hazards, curb cutting, or extensive dirtiness will not be reimbursed by RV Rentals USA, Inc.

_____Damage/Insurance Information: Lessee agrees and understands he/she is responsible for all damage done to the RV and rented equipment from the moment he/she arrives to pick up the RV and after signing the rental agreement, until the check in of the RV is done with a RV Rentals USA employee. Lessee understands he/she is responsible for ALL collision damages. Damage done to the RV will be submitted to Lessee’s insurance company as soon as possible. Upon return a RV Rentals USA employee will inspect the rented RV for cleanliness, clear, and obvious damage, evacuation of fluids, and usage of fuels, engine mileage, and generator hours. A second inspection will be done later in the week or at the earliest convenience of the RV Rentals USA Staff. RV Rentals USA, Inc. will charge $120.00 per hour for labor, if having to fix any damage.

_____Rental Deposit & Security Deposit: 

TRAVEL TRAILERS  :   Every customer who rents a travel trailer is required to pay a $250.00 Deposit. This is taken at time of booking. Deposits will be returned 15 business days after trailer is returned. If there is any damage to trailer or trailer is not returned as agreed your refund, if there is one, can take longer.



MOTOR HOMES :  When a rental is made a rental deposit is taken to reserve your rental. This is applied toward your balance due the day you pickup. On the day you pick your rental up we do a charge on your credit card for $500.00 for the Security deposit. This is done in case there is any damage done while the Motor home is in your possession.  If the damage exceeds this and an insurance claim is filed we will then charge your card for the amount of the deductible. If the insurance claim is filed on our insurance the deductible is $2500.00.  

______Pets: Lessee agrees and understands that pets are allowed in the RV but must be pre-approved by the rental agent. There is a non refundable pet deposit of $100.00. The pet must be current on its vaccinations and the lessee must provide proof of current vaccinations. Non vaccinated pets are NOT allowed in the RV. Lessee must clean up after his or her pet; there should be no evidence that his/her pet was in the RV. If  RV is not cleaned up there will be a fee of $250.00 plus hourly charge of $120.00. Unapproved pet fee starts at $300.00.

_____Cleaning: Lessee agrees and understands that RV Rentals USA, Inc. looks for general exterior cleanliness: no dirt, tar, or bugs. Lessee agrees and understands the interior of the RV need to return as clean as when Lessee received it. The RV must be brought back in a re- rentable condition. If Lessee fails to do so, he/she agrees and understands there will be a $100.00 an hour charge for cleaning on travel trailers and $150.00 an hour on motorized with a min. charge of one hour.

_____Waste Tank Evacuation: Lessee agrees and understands that the waste tanks must be evacuated and flushed prior to his/her return. Lessee also understands that if he/she does not return the RV with tanks evacuated there will be a $50.00 charge from RV Rentals USA, Inc. to evacuate the tanks.

____Examination: Lessee acknowledges he/she has carefully examined the RV and has marked any previous damage on the “Check-out: form. Lessee finds the RV suitable for the purpose for which it is leased; and that he/she will maintain both the RV and rented equipment in a safe, and dependable condition while in his/her custody. Lessee agrees and understands non-operating secondary systems do not constitute a refund or discount of any kind. Lessee understands during the course of his/her trip if one or more of the secondary systems are not functioning he/she is responsible for contacting RV Rentals USA, Inc office or Emergency Line. Lessee acknowledges he/she has received the general information form with said phone numbers. Refrigerators, Roof, and Central A/C, Heating, Leveling Jacks, TV’s, VCR , DVD, Awnings, Slide-outs, Roof Vents, Step, in-dash A/C, Back-up Cameras, Water Heater, Shower, Microwave, Reading Lights, are all considered secondary systems. Lessee understands if any malfunctions should occur with any of these items, no compensation will be made to Lessee.

_____Mileage: Lessee understands he/she is getting a standard of 150 free miles per day on a 6 day or less rental , or 200 free miles per day on 7 days or more. Lessee agrees and understands that if he/she exceeds said miles there will be a charge of .29 per mile.

_____Generator: Lessee acknowledges and understands all Motor Homes and some toy haulers are equipped with a generator and most trailers are not. Lessee understands that if he/she is going to a destination without electrical hook-ups and is leasing a RV not equipped with a generator, the RV needs a generator, or electrical hook-up to charge batteries and run the appliances. If lessee is renting an RV not equipped with a generator, he/she acknowledges they have been informed.

_____Re-Supply: Lessee acknowledges and understands there is no Re-supply policy. The RV’s are rented equipped with fresh water, gray, and black holding tanks. If Lessee is camped in a non-hook-up site, it is his/her responsibility to ensure that these resources last your entire stay. RV Rentals USA will not provide additional water, holding tank capacity, propane, or batteries during your rental period. Lessee should bring Jumper Cables when camping; Lessee can use a car or truck to charge your RV batteries. RV Rentals USA will not supply jumper cables.

_____Substitutions: RV Rentals USA, Inc. reserves the right to substitute RVs if necessary. Advance notification is given whenever possible. In the event a vehicle cannot be provided and RV Rentals USA cannot fulfill his/her reservations. RV Rentals USA, Inc. will refund all monies received.

I have carefully read the foregoing agreement/contract/release and I understand and agree to the contents thereof.

Lessee Signature:____________________________________________Date:___________

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