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  • How do I find out about prices?
    We rent RVs all year long. Our busiest rental months are from March 1st through November 30th. To get a price fill out the contact us form, and we will reach out with either a quote or requesting additional details to get you a price. You can always call us at 817-517-7247.
  • Is a deposit required?
    All rentals require a security/damage deposit which is charged to your credit card at the time you make your reservation. We also require an imprint of your credit card therefore the card MUST be provided on your day of pickup. The deposit amount based on the deductible of the insurance used to insure the RV during your rental. Nearly every insurance company in the United State has their prices set to either $500 or $1000. No insurance company will insure you using an RV if the do not have a deposit being held that at least equals to the amount deductible of the insurance policy. In essence your security deposit is paid to the insurance company as the insurance deductible if the RV is damaged during your rental. We take the damaged RV and get an estimate from another company that is going to fix it (one that the insurance company has approved and trusts). That company sends the insurance company their estimate to put the RV back to 100% (fix what got broke). They fix it, we go pick it up and get it back out on the road. Don't damage the vehicle and the insurance company doesn't require your deposit. If the damage is less the your deposit then we will return the unused portion after the RV is fixed. Please be careful, we do not want your trip to end badly or anyone to get hurt.
  • Are RVs hard to drive?
    Not really. Consider that they are large and heavy vehicles with poor visibility towards the rear. They also don't exactly fit in the "compact car" parking stalls, so plan your trip accordingly.
  • What type of gas mileage should we expect to get?
    This depends on the size or your vehicle and where you take it. Normal flat road driving average is about 9 miles to the gallon.
  • What about "dump stations" and water?
    The RVs come filled with water and prepared dump tanks. Most camping facilities offer a dump station.
  • What happens if I have to cancel my trip?
    If you cancel within 3 days of your initial booking you will receive 100% refund, minus a $20 processing fee If you cancel the trip after the THIRD day of your initial booking there is no refund of your deposit.
  • What kind of license do you need to drive a RV?
    No special license is needed. If you have never driven a motorhome before we can test drive one with you before you leave on your trip.
  • Are pets allowed in your RVs?
    Yes we do allow pets. We do require a non refundable pet deposit. You are still required to clean up after your pet so you are not charged additional fees.
  • Do you offer a military discount?
    Yes! We offer a 5% military discount.
  • Can I rent an RV from you if I'm outside of the USA?
    Yes! We have had quite a few groups travel to the USA and rent from us for long road trips. Call us and we will get you what you need!
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